Fieldbrook Labrador Retrievers

Welcome to Fieldbrook Labradors - Powassan, ON Canada

Our Labradors are our companions first and foremost. Owned by this wonderful breed for more than 25 years, they live in our home and are important members of our family.

At Fieldbrook, we participate in activities that demonstrates the versatility of the Labrador retriever. Not just lovely to look at - we hunt our show dogs and show our hunting dogs. We strive to bring you healthy, happy Labradors that are content to lay at your feet, sit in your blind and swim with the kids.

Members of the Canadian Kennel Club
Labrador Retriever Club of Ontario
Labrador Owners Club
We are pleased to announce that after an 18 month hiatus from showing Ryse completed her Championship last weekend!  We will be breeding Ryse in October 2018 for an all black litter.  There are no further reservations for this litter at this time.  
Updated April 5, 2018